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October 04, 2023


FLORIDA Villages man, 77, faces hard time for stockpile of illegal ED drugs in retirement community

(Thanks to vee)


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He certainly looks happy to see you.

I bet the Mrs. is one happy camper.

"The Villages have given Reggie the opportunity to grow in different ways."

Well said, Mrs. Reggie.

In a previous arrest, Reggie "stated he was able to possess marijuana under Indian law."

So, venemous spiders?

The mug shots say it all.

He's just a prepper. When the lockdown comes they'll be worth more than gold or coffee.

And all this time I thought Florida was the Land of the Free

Have to put a pitch in here for my youth waters. I plan on contacting this guy about my youth elixir waters I call "Ponce" taken from the Florida springs I discovered that you know as the famous fountain of youth. This guy should be able to maintain erectile configuration for-ever by drinking my beverage. Also known to be the favorite beverage of Florida Cougars.

Ask for "Ponce" 'The Drink of Eternal Youth' at your favorite beverage store.

Juan Ponce de Leon

YAY FLORIDA. YAY The Villages. MAGAs nut farm.

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