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October 03, 2023

HARD (heh heh) PASS

Spider venom that causes excruciating erections could be the next Viagra

(Thanks to Rick Day)


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…..When along came a spider…..

guaranteed turn-on: "let me get my spider"

So should I keep a supply of those spiders in my medicine cabinet?

So the spider has to bite you on your weewee to work? Seems like if you need an immediate erection that would be the way to go rather than waiting around for the pill form to kick in.

" further clinical trials are needed "

The Nobel Committee signing up ?

" Three scientists win Nobel Prize in physics for probing electrons "

Oh... I guess they said " electrons ".

Spiders my ass.

@Uranus You got it wrong. Not your ass.

@Steverino Depends where it ends up.

Spider-gel, Spider-gel
Just a dab then watch it swell
You can all reach your full size
Popping buttons off your flies
Watch out, here comes Spider-gel

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