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October 03, 2023


Loch Ness Monster expert claims he has 'baby Nessie' footage poking its head out


Image 10-3-23 at 9.49 AM

(Thanks to John Lobert, who says "Please share this expert’s photo so that we can put this controversy to bed.")


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Looks like one of those triangular UFOs some of the pilots have reported emerging from the water.

Maybe we’ll have better photos once people have gotten close enough to take some fingerprints of the thing.

It looks like a ghost to me. Now I'm ready to believe in ghosts.

One day, far into the future, we'll all carry cameras in our pocket capable of taking amazing pictures, and we'll finally get real pictures of Nessie.

Not like today.

"As nobody to date knows what the Loch Ness Monster is, nobody can say it isn’t."

That's some kind of logic right there.

Well he's the expert so what do I know?

I've suspected Nessie was a marsupial for years.

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