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October 04, 2023


Truckload of celery sticks spills onto Highway 400 in rollover

(Thanks to B&C, John Lobert and Ralph)


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I saw them open for The Raspberries and Strawberry Alarm Clock.

Tasty show.

Internet meme: " Celery... for when you have a hankering for something crunchy with hair in it. "

Celery, raw
Develops the jaw,
But celery, stewed,
Is more quietly chewed.

Ogden Nash

Who also said:

Is gharsley."

Inspired thinking. Bloody Marys all around.

But a latter report says that the peanut butter on the LEED truck was not involved. And was undamaged.

Probably caused by a dip in the road?

Celery would be a good national symbol for Canada, sort of like the eagle for us. Celery really captures the culture and excitement of Canada.

On the plus side, now we know why the marmot crossed the road.

I blame the ghost of Art Frahm.

"Neil, Neil Young, was not expecting to see here on Hwy 400 S/B in the midst of this celery stick spill."

"Yeah, Steven Stills is an A Hole."

We're gonna need a lpt more cottage cheese.

We need peanut butter.

Gordon Lightfoot would have written a song about that.

Break out the dip.

I don't understand? Nobody has translated from Canadian to 'Merican. So if you translate the word 'celery' from Canadian to 'Merican, what do you get? Or could this been some decoy truck that the Canadian Gov't used to take attention away from a truck of real green stuff was being shipped. Can imagine the radio traffic of the Mounties reporting the accident, "A truck of what tipped over, eh, over?"

To Steverino: So what would a Gordon Lightfoot song be titled? "The Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald" has some panache, but "The Wreck of the Celery Truck", well not so much. Try Anne Murray

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