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September 06, 2023


Florida Man Arrested at Sea in Floating Hamster Wheel Says He Was On His Way to London

(Thanks to Rich Klinzman and Harlan Johnson)


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"I say old chap, can you give me a bloody shove."

A good alternative to an overnight flight, nonetheless.

Seems like a lot of trouble to be going to when you could be relaxing comfortably on an airplane in a nice vomit covered seat.

When hamster wheels are outlawed...

He said he's going to do it again, so yeah, he's just like the hamster.

overheard during booking -
Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries!

And then off to France to get some new underpants.

He seems a little large for surplus vermin. (Yes, I still have Dave's older books.)

You just can't do anything fun these days without being arrested.

Seems like there is enough material for Best State Ever - Volume 2.

I wonder ... say couldn't a certain country weaponize these things to sneak attack a certain bridge? Or maybe use these devices to cross a river where the bridge has already been destroy. Plus the operator could dress up in a hamster costume and the army personnel would say something like "Vat the hellski?"

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