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August 27, 2023


A woman who believes she saw the silhouette of Elvis Presley in her washing up bowl says she was left "all shook up".

The resemblance is uncanny.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Well, maybe it's semi-canny.

Is she sure it wasn't the Devil in disguise?

Perhaps the did too much acid, or licked too many toads.

A saying a friend in his best Elvis accent, seen here playing guitar, often shared with me while in one another's presence, "Pass me them taters, Red."

Laughter ensued.

Goodness, gracious, as they say

She found him in the kitchen at Greaseland.

Oh, well, a-bless my soul, but what's wrong with me?
I'm itchin' like a man on a fuzzy tree
My friends say I'm actin' wild as a bug
I'm in love, I'm Gobsmacked

Somehow doesn't quite work

@Keith - You were so close to immortality there.

LOL @pogo

I have seen the pope in my laundry basin, Mother Mary in my ironing board, Michael Jackson in an ink blot, and Munch’s Scream in my frying pan, all of which bore a greater resemblance to the original than this so-called Elvis sighting. My gob is left decidedly unsmacked.

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