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August 31, 2023


A woman was left “gobsmacked” after finding an Airbnb listing charging more than £400 – for a night in a tent in someone’s back garden.

(Thanks to Rick Day)


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Interesting idea. I'll try it.

I guess it depends upon whose back yard.

It also depends on what is growing in the garden.

Genius. You can make B&B money without having them mess up your house.

So if I'm reading this correctly,some unknown person smacked this poor woman in/on the Gob and just left her there?

Is it Joe Biden? Could be interesting.

How much is the cleaning fee?

Surely this backyard has something special to deserve the number given

I think your idea will be copied and utilized to inspire the creation of many more ideas because it is brilliant and original.

You have a remarkable ability to distill complex ideas into clear and engaging prose.

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