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August 31, 2023


'Most exciting' photos ever taken of Loch Ness Monster emerge after shy owner hid them

URGENT BREAKING BULLETIN BULLETIN BULLETIN: Loch Ness Monster seen in 'first ever video' after thermal imaging drone spotted 'mass'



(Thanks to John Lobert)


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This bar is so low, it would normally be underwater (supposedly with Nessie).

She should have chosen to remain afraid of public ridicule?

That thermal imaged pic was obviously taken before 'talkies' hit the screen. In fact, the thermal picture was taken before Louis Daguerre left the womb.

The the sound of doubters being gobsmacked will resonate around the globe.

Those are some pretty nice photos of a partially air-filled trash bag blowing across the loch.

The red circle certainly helps orient my focus. The dark shapes off to the right and just above the horizon otherwise would have had me fooled.

I can almost clearly read the words 'Oscar Mayer' so my guess it is the Frankmobile aka Wienermobile. And it is sufficiently blurry to qualify as authentic as the previous photos given that it can be proven statistically as such by comparison to previous photos and a survey of the tourists on site at the time.

Oh. I thought that the large red circle in the Loch was put there to encourage the monster to do Flipper-style acrobatic tricks. This way it comes out above the surface to allow even sharper photos to be taken of its entire body.

Perhaps that glow is from a Highly Radioactive Wild Pig

It looks like a picture of a public toilet (but, then, so do most pictures to me, which is why I never look at wedding photos).

Nessie exists, Q.E.D.

That does it. I for one am now convinced that the monster is a UFO.

I have a photo of a grizzly bear taken in Yellowstone Park last month. The photo is taken from the center of a van, looking past one other passenger, across the adjoining lane, through a drizzle and some water drops on the van's window and then over about 1/4 to 1/2 mile of grasslands and across the Yellowstone River. The above photo could pass as the negative for my photo of a grizzly....if smart(?)phone images had negatives.

By Nessie hunter standards those pics are pretty good - for once the blur filter seems to have been removed from the camera lens.
Could be anything though - my guess is Bigfoot taking a swim.

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