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August 31, 2023


Knoxville woman sets record with world’s longest mullet


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I would think the author has a much nicer looking fire engine red pickup truck to go along with her *really* red lipstick.

At the shoot,

"Let's get a shot of you and your hair standing next to that stupid-looking pick up truck."

"That's my truck."

"Like I said..."

Hair today, gone tomorrow.

She just needs to be really careful when operating any power tools or working under the hood of that truck while it's running.

Why is that not a ponytail?

wonders what nursecindy would say about this

@Elaine - no self-respecting pony would want to be associated with that

I'm all for gender equity, but the "mullet" is kind of a guy thing, Maybe we can have men's and women's mullets.

And do we break it down further into straight hair, curly hair, wavy hair.

(Just glad at this point in my life I have hair....)

And thankfully we have a "don't talk religion or politics" policy here.

"Rapunzel! Rapunzel! Let down your .... oh, my, look at the time!"

Oh, Meanie-o. Oh, Meanie-o. Wherefore art thou, Meanie-o?

Imagine—being blessed with pre-Raphaelite hair and wasting it on a mullet! Burne-Jones is turning over in his grave.

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