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August 30, 2023




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All that for certain plus, I plan on having it towed to the junk yard by 4.

For this and other answers text 666I812

How is my putting?

"If you think my driving is bad you should read my writing."

Y'all, that just made my day. Thank you, Dave!

Don't be fooled - an electric car dealer, obviously.

I think Dave needs to write a book with answers to these and other important questions.

I'm sure it will make the NYT best sellers list.

Answer to #1: Stupidly.

Answer to #2: By having to ask question #1, you're obviously too stupid to understand the answer to this one.

Answer to #3: Oh, come on. If you can't understand the answers to the first two, there's absolutely no hope of you ever getting a handle on this one.

The Existential Florida Man!

"How am I driving? I mean, who gave me the keys and let me behind the wheel? This should not be happening, amirite?"

#1 I don't know
#2 "...in quantum mechanics nothing can be certain". So we don't really know how your engine works.
#3 God does place dice with the universe. You probably lost.

Is this the question where the answer is always '42'?

Are these questions taken from the Florida Driver's License Exam Study Book?

The only answer needed for the only bumper sticker that counts: “Yes, of the United States”. [Long term bloggers will understand. And, unlike me, might be able to come up with the blogger contestant who came up with that answer].

I managed to figure out who won that bumper sticker slogan contest. I’m curious to see who else gets it, though, so I ain’t sayin’.

@MtB - I don't remember the thread, but I'll submit Leetie.

@ Pogo - the Extremely Important Announcement thread of February 17, 2007, carries 7 pages worth of submitted slogans, including several very good ones by Leetie in the first page. However, she was not the winner, who was announced in a subsequent thread.

Sorry, my attempted link above ain't a-workin'. If you're desperately bored, you can click on the February 2017 link in the archives at the right of this page and scroll down to the February 17 posts.

Suitable for screen background image.

OK, the winner of the Dave Barry for President, with his entry of "Yes, of the United States", bumper sticker slogan competition was .... Dad-O-Lot!

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