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August 28, 2023


Crater on surface of Mars may have been caused by alien spaceship crash

(Thanks to John Lobert, who says "We know for certain it wasn't a flying car.")


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It looks more like somevody shot a flare at a weather balloon full of swamp gas.

If it turns out to have been caused by a flying car, economically speaking it had to have been flown by a Rockefeller.

Have they found Elon's little red roadster?

Flying space Tesla.

If this were true, we'd see maybe some plastic bits, nuts and bolts, glass fragments... I'm not seeing any of that. It doesn't take much for scientists to get all het up over nothing.

Looks like the photo was taken by Nessie-cam.

The aliens went to Mars for street racing after successfully navigating billions of miles?

Perhaps the WEF is relocating its' HQ from Geneva?

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