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August 29, 2023


A monster python has been spotted slithering across the roof of a family's home and through treetops in their garden.

(Thanks to Emily, Leslie and w and Jim Kenaston)


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It may just be their way of keeping the squirrel population down, though I’d check on the whereabouts of the dog or cat from time to time with that thing getting around.

One snake? That is ONE snake?

Still better than finding it clogging the toilet.

I just loved the little girl, giggling at it. Australia!

Look, no hands! Scary, but their abilities are impressive nonetheless.

I think this occurrence was well captured and predicted in the tunes sung by The Fiddler on the Roof. Such as "Why Did The Python Cross the Roof?"

Through the treetops? That monster python's flying circus sounds fun.

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