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August 28, 2023


Why Your Poop Might Look Narrow

(Thanks to Robert Moats)


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Isn't this related to the axle width of Roman chariots?

One can derive from this, instead of saying, "I need to take a dump," you should on occasion say, "I need to take a tapered heap."

Buncha crap!

( Illustration supplied by Unnecessary Visuals, Inc. An equal opportunity employer )

At last I can get a good nights sleep.

At last I can get a good nights sleep.

Because you are a tightass?

Kind of reminds of descriptions of what writers go thru when evaluating their work. Or others evaluate their work. "Is it a short story or a long story?" "I think you should narrow your focus on this." "This one stinks." "His writer's block is equivalent to constipation."

“Stool (poop)….” We are being talked down to, folks. This is reminiscent of the article a year or two ago where the writer felt the need to define for us what a toilet was.

What a relief!
All this time I thought it from eating too many Pringles.

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