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August 31, 2023


Why Highly Radioactive Wild Pigs Wreak Havoc in Germany

(Thanks to Robert Moats, who says "pork chops that can cook themselves.")


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I used to work with a wild bore.

"Deranged pack of radioactive pigs" I'm gonna make a fortune scalping these tickets.

Once agian we wish to reaffirm the notion that nuclear energy is completely safe and there has NEVER been any serious incidents or accidents that can't be hidden from the public by classifying them as national secrets.

"pork chops that can cook themselves."

And you can eat them in the dark....which come to think of it might be the ony way you would want to eat them.

When getting a PET scan, one is injected with a radioactive sugar solution. Increased uptake of this solution can reveal active cancer growth. Patients must avoid being in close proximity to pregnant women and children for about four hours afterward to prevent accidental exposure. So yeah, there's that.

No wonder the sauerbraten never gets cold. Better keep it away from the Bierglas.

Call in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

We are all screwed. Reading this blog usually helps us forget that but…

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