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August 27, 2023


I went to see Inter Miami -- with Lionel Messi -- play the New York Red Bulls in New Jersey Saturday night; there were some major celebrities on hand.



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Looking good! Would that be discarded French wine you’re drinking?

Nice blue, uh, whatever that thing is, Dave

Quite an amazing celebrity costume there. The frog's too.

I toad you so.

It's a bluefrog. Like a bullfrog, but different.

Coincident with a rash of blurry New Jersey Devil sightings this weekend? I think not.


So it is true - writer's heads look/get smaller as they age. Hey, I watched this game on tv and they had one of those celebrity highlight things where they find a celebrity/person of notoriety in the stands and give him/her a 30 second TV cameo when there is nothing going on in the game (to fill in the time in lieu of a commercial). Amazing they found Dave in the crowd but nobody could recall his name, but he looked familiar - and one announcer said "Hey, it's the Florida governor."

Everbody's doing the Florida raaaag...

I was hoping for Left Shark.

That is Lionel Messi you are standing beside? You did say, and I quote, "I went to see Inter Miami -- with Lionel Messi..."

Is that Fountain of Youth you’re drinking? Looking mighty good!

Mrs. Messi is going to be peeved when her husband comes home and tells her all about all the new stuff you taught him while on the trip.

That's the Jinro soju toad mascot. Soju is a Korean vodka variation. Is that what the Blog is drinking?

Is this item related to the story that follows this posting about the couple that was having trouble conceiving because they were doing xxxx wrong? I can see where the couple in this photo might have trouble conceiving - I mean who would want to have xxx with the gray-haired guy holding the large beverage can.

"Hey, I'm a world famous writer and humorist."

"And hey back to you - I am a famous mascot but I can see where nothing good would come out of our union. Cannot imagine what the children might look like."

I don't understand the team name. Doesn't "inter" mean to bury a dead body?

@Wanderer, yay for the One Froggy Evening reference.

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