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August 28, 2023


Scientist Wears Giant Bird Head for a Year to Befriend Real Birds, Fails

(Thanks to Annette)


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life imitating art? Johnny Depp inThe Lone Ranger?

Nobody will fall for that.

Phrenology makes more sense.

This is the experiment which led to the Japanese thinking up the idea of the Kamikaze Pilot. Put on a bird head, raid a nest full of baby birds then duck and cover as the mother dive bombs them.

*I have been dived bombed by what were Japanese birds several times not so many years after the attack on Pearl harbor. I found messing with a rare Japanese Dive Bomber Finch is hell to pay

This is why we need to do what the scientists say...

I don't blame the birds.

This is why we study science.

He fooled me just before the study ended.

Sometimes there are words that exist but which have no real accepted common meaning. Today the Blog has brought us the true meaning of "birdbrain".

"a nest of great tits", better known as a bra.

@Meanie the Blue - You beat me to it!

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