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July 13, 2023


The Squallet

(Thanks to Brad Slager)


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A man truly committed to helping protect our country!

This might be a good accessory for people sporting a mullet.

How ironic would it be to keep Planter's cashews in one? You could call it a Nut Sack.

I like to take mine out and show it too, but the cops keep arresting me for it.

“At first, they look at you like you’re crazy, but then they start to laugh.” The pause is when they check to see how heavily the squallet sporter is armed.

" At first, they look at you like you’re crazy..."

... And not just because you live in Wyoming.

Wyoming's Attorney General is named "Crank?"

I am amazed this was allowed to be reported due to The Blog’s STRICK POLICY. Pat Crank. I would have voted for him. He had to grow up a fighter.

The perfect companion to the Trunk Monkee.

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