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June 03, 2023


Grateful we don't understand a single word of this news item.

(Thanks to Jim K.)


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" If you know anything about black holes..."

Don't get me started.

I don't know what Mr. Hawkings wanted to do with this statement, but I agree 100%!

Isn't that what global warming is all about? Personally I'm more frightened by what happens when all that evaporation recondenses.

I think the article needs to be more clear on whether we should cancel our next mortgage payment.

The trick is getting the money to not evaporate before the bills are due.

Gonna need a few tequila particles evaporating into the fields around my neural network before I can claim anything like an understanding of this.

Condensed version: We're all gonna die.

Will this impress the ladies?

This is the exact reason why you don't feed your cat evaporated milk.

They'll evaporate.

Let's inject a bit more sciency stuff here. It's not like the ol' universe will run up to some future time and act like a chunk of dry ice on a hot griddle.

No, if the prof's theory is correct, every particle in the universe could evaporate at any time, with a half-life in the billions of years.

It's within the bounds of probability (at a likelihood of 10 to minus several hundred billion) that every subatomic particle that makes me up could evaporate within the next second.

I'm not worri

This will happen when Thanos gets that last stone. (the Watcher)

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