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June 04, 2023


Schmance is a land of many mysteries.


Medical care here is free, but primitive.


This woman is wondering: "What percentage is my smartphone?"


Many top musical acts perform here.


There are zero vampires here. ZERO.


Here we are standing in a randomly chosen location with our old pal, co-author and bandmate, Mr. Ridley Pearson. The gentleman at right obviously awestruck, but he is pretending not to recognize us.



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Looks like somebody has struck up a broschmance!

From three-legged pigs to organic butt plugs, traveling to foreign lands is always such a culture shock.

Dave's shoes match his shirt. Nice job!

I for one want to know more about "United Nude" as long as it does not involve Mr, Ridley Pearson and The Blog.

NTTAWWT, of course,

Is that "UN" United Nude? What's the point of being nude if you can't unite? I want to see the trademark application.

Is 'Dongier' a French condom store???

A land of many mysteries indeed. That top/first photo alone shows several headscratchers, including:

- CAFeNOIR, where the "O" is shown as a human within a circle, but with a red slash through it. [It's a fashion line, but one that doesn't sell to people maybe?]

- PAULA URBAN, which describes itself as an "Exclusive Interior Flof-Up System". [I can believe the exclusive part]

Further down, the photo of a poster for B.B. and the Blues Shacks features the words "ladies and gangsters, it's blues time" accompanying a photo of what appears to be a band that even the Remainders might intimidate.

I could go on, but it's time for my meds.

Who has Schmance schmurrendered to today ?

It's summertime in the land that brought us the bikini.

Let's see some pics from the Riviera in the south of Schmantz.

Coupe de Ville y'all!

"The gentleman at right obviously awestruck, but he is pretending not to recognize us."

What?! Don't they do gobsmacked in Schmance?

Since healthcare in Schmance is primitive don't let Ridley talk you into climbing any arbres, iykwim.

The sites around Phuket look different. The guy on his phone looks a little like Tree Treesukol a guy I used to run with. I thought He was back in Bangkok these days. Must be vacationing there in Phuket. You guys have made me hungry for a baguette. Also a bowl of rice. Get some beach shots, great beaches there in Phuket.

The "smartphone" picture is broken.

Pretty sure BB once opened for the RBR.

Also: 100% smartphone, 0% intellectually aware smartphone user.

The Redskins moved to Schmance, eh? Seems appropriate.

suffix ier
-ier is attached to nouns or roots to form nouns with the meaning "person or thing that does (the action of the word mentioned)

And to think this whole time I thought it meant they were more dongy than most of the others around them. (DONGY= A person that is talented in each and every way, where he is a pro in everything he does, a natural).

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