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June 02, 2023


Reported alligator in Arizona was likely a beaver

(Thanks to Ralph K. and John Lobert)


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Even more reason to worry. Those furry little things are vicious.

The bigger question: Is whatever it is on coca1ne?

I thought Arizona was pretty dam dry.

Because of the heat, aren't you more likely to encounter a Brazilian than a hairy beaver?

It's all big fun until one shows up in the Utah desert.

Hi judi!!!!!!

My formative years were in the 60's and I watched 'Leave It To Beaver' and Disney's 'Peter Pan' with Tick-Tock the alligator on TV. And I can see how somebody could easily make a mistake between the two.

I'd also like to say hi to Judi! Where are all of the kilt pictures at?

I've often heard of city folk confusing large, heavily scaled creatures with soft, small, fluffy ones.

Hi all!
nursecindy, one sec.

Nursecindy: No kilts here, but you might enjoy this stylish walk down memory lane with these Swedish dance bands from the 1970s.

Nothing mundane about a beaver. They are big and mean.

Judi! Welcome back. I'm sure your "in-basket" has reached combustible levels by now.

We've missed your snark :)

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