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June 02, 2023


...or maybe The Blog.


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Judi, you should know that most of us can’t think that far ahead, much less manage to plan anything.

CBS Saturday Morning is in Schmance this month, or is this just what happens when you try to convert time zones to the metric system?

The magic of taping ahead of time, I'm afraid.

I get up on Saturday mornings and turn cartoons on the TV with the volume turned up so my family thinks I am busy, like every Saturday morning, watching TV and building character.

Then I get on the internet and spend my time screwing up Wikipedia entries. Or sometime I spend my time tracking down any bootleg tapes of Swedish dance bands from the 1970's. ABBA is a piece of cake - some of the others, whew. Thanks, Jim.

Well, I found the right local station for my little spot on the time/space continuum. At first I thought the interview was a train wreck, but sadly, and quite tragically, that was just the top story from the overnight news. Still tapping my foot, waiting for them to get around to the interview with Dave.

Hey, they've got the times but not the days! How am I supposed to know which day to watch?

Just now saw the interview, an hour and a half into their broadcast. They apparently had Dave locked up with a few alligators in the green room for quite some time.

Oh, and some big news came out: Dave wrote a book!

I missed it live on CBS but this showed up on my Twitter feed


@padraig, that reminds me of a really old "Funky Winkerbean" cartoon:

Band Director Harry Dinkle: "We've been invited to perform in the Fourth of July parade!"
Brass player: "When is it?"

@SJ Nice to see Dave in his natural habitat, although technically, he is an invasive species. Thanks for the link!

What a great interview! However, I'm not buying Dave jumping on an alligator's back.

@wanderer, or the old "When do you Canadians celebrate the 4th of July?"

5 A.M. !!??!!
The middle of the nite for us slackers.

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