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June 02, 2023


...at the local liquor store. 

Kilt guy

(Thanks to Unknown Guy who let some random woman post his picture... as long as she didn't show his face.)


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The subject seems to be out of kilter...

Men! In kilts! Woot

Judi you're the best! Ditto on MOTW's woot.

A wee bit 'airy out tonight is it?

"There's nothing like an unfurnished basement for pure comfort."

Just some Rando goin' commando, lovin' it!

If only I had known on Monday that Judi would be here on Friday, I would have taken a picture for her of the Men in Kilts of the FDNY marching bagpipers at our 156th Brooklyn Memorial Day Parade. Either that, or them standing outside a local bar after the parade was over.

Sorry, Judi.

Okay, who won the over/under on how long it would take judi to post that photo?

The reason they call them that is if you make fun of the guy who is wearing it, you'll get kilt.

@Jeff .. you could always find such a photo on some news FB or article for the Men in Kilts of the FDNY marching bagpipers. (please)

Filling his/her shopping cart with Bud Lite one would assume?

Yes, I now can clearly see the value of facial recognition software. And with the xray vision option on that camera I can unquestionably state that that is a photo of Berry Manilow buying some fired pork rinds and a quart of Old English 800. Am I correct? Yesssss.

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