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June 08, 2023


Bouchard was surprised when he opened up the hood.
"Because there's a big marmot right there sitting on my engine just looking at me, happy just being there," he said.

(Thanks to Stan)


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I didn't know vehicles built for the Canadian market came equipped with marmot warning lights.

Cats do this all the time. The giveaway is paw prints on your car's hood.

He should be fine as long as he replaces his marmot every 5,000 barometers.

So, the old Tiger In Your Tank' is now the 'Marmot Under the Hood.'.

I understand you can get marmot amended poutine in Canada these days.
Hmmm, interesting, 'poutine' sounds a lot like that Russian guy who is in the news these days.

@Pullet - Now we know what type of fur Mr. Putin's hat is made from, eh?

"Who gives a sh!t about the f#cking marmot!"

Pretty sure that Marmots used to make cars....or maybe Marmon. Whatever.

Squirrels ate the wiring harness in my pickup twice. $4500 repair each time. That truck now lives in the garage...

Dear Mean T B - had the same problem on my old Bricklin and I replaced it with a rectal barometer. JC Whitney used to sell these and they fit right into the same socket as the old barometer (aneroid type). You should be able to do this work yourself, but if not, then make sure whomever does the service asks you how many marmots you have already on the engine. However, someday you are likely going to have to update your vehicle to one that has the integral 5 mph bumper already in place. Also you might find somebody on the internet that will sell you a turbo unit for this machine - have not tried that myself so let me know if you make that plunge. Thanks

Wouldn't it be curious if they discovered a marmot in the engine compartment of the Wienermobile? Now what would you call that?

The Frankenmobile, franks now made with real franken meat?

@Pullet - that almost sounds like it makes sense.

Many years ago, Mr. MOTW needed to replace the engine on his 1980 Ford F150. (if you say that too fast, it sounds like 1984 F150) Mr. MOTW was all up in the engine compartment and I was running for parts. He asked me to call Auto Shack (before they changed their name to Zone .. I already said this was many years ago) to ask for a particular part. I wrote down everything he had told me and read it back to him. I asked Mr. MOTW if they would ask me a question that I did not know the answer to. Auto parts shop guys always like to give women a hard time. Mr. MOTW said No.
So I called and made sure to pause between 1980 .. Ford .. F150 and told them what we needed. And the guy on the phone says, he asks me, "Is that a long or short block?" I told him that I had not measured the thing and said I needed to ask my husband. I put the phone down (kids, this was before cordless phones, much less cell phones) and went to ask Mr. MOTW who was now under the truck. He let out a sigh, exasperated with me, "IT DOESN'T MATTER, BUT IT'S A LONG BLOCK."
Okay .. don't shoot the messenger.
I went back to the phone and told the guy and they had the part, which I then picked up for my honey.

Now, Pullet, this is my point: is that a long marmot or short? How many hedgehogs would that be, per marmot?

Sounds like Mr MOTW is in the camp that believes that size doesn’t matter.

I believe that's a marmot on top of the block, not along the side of it.

Yikes - could I have installed this part backwards? Or upside down? Have not tried to start it yet. What was that again about hedgehogs to marmots - lefty loosey righty tighty?

Guess it is time to go electric - I mean Dylan did it and made lots of money.

And maybe there is a marmot of the opposite gender around so there might be marmot progeny involved. Why to I keep singing that Captain and Tennille song in my head "Marmot Love". How come the Captain never got promoted?

Hey, Dave, judi called and said she is more than ready to have you come home. Walter has become insufferable and she is ready to ... She says he sits in your Captain's chair on the Bridge with your hat on and cackles at the junior high school kids coming thru on the tours and he shouts at them "Hi, I'm Moby's Dick."Time to speak to that lad.

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