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June 01, 2023


Naked man attempts to dig out truck stuck in riverbed near Calgary park

(Thanks to Roberto)


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Cleanliness is next to godliness.

Hope he had bug spray.

Don't look Ethyl! Ethyl you come back here!

Better amp up the SPF.

Here in the south he would have called some buddies with bigger trucks and lots of chains. It would have been out in about five minutes. Also, and this is very important, he would have kept his clothes on because if he didn't they would have beat the tar out of him right after they freed his truck.

A sense a new reality show. You've seen NAKED AND AFRAID. Now behold NAKED AND STUCK.

Two questions. 1. Why didn't he get that other car to help pull him out? 2. What's with that wheel off to the right? If it's from his truck, I don't think he's going to get unstuck all that easily.

It is obvious why he was naked. The didn't want to get his clothes all dirty.

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