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June 01, 2023


It sounds almost unbelievable, but many Taylor Swift fans are claiming to suffer from "post-concert amnesia".

(Thanks to Steve Bradford)


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In their defense, there's no mention of illegal substances.

Most people who attended Grateful Dead concerts back in the day didn't remember them either.

So has anyone who can remember seen her post-concert amnesia tour? I may have?

I'll bet they remember the ticket prices quite well.

Since I didn't attend one of her concerts and don't intend to, do I suffer from "pre-concert amnesia?" I don't remember anything about it or her or her songs or anything...

Well, her hips don't lie....wait that's wrong isn't it?

Well, the music needs to be memorable if you're going to remember it.

Hey, wait a minute...Mama Michelle Phillips is a senior lecturer at a university in England?!


I thought that was a feature.

This is the excuse for them to watch the concert through the phone.

They'll have a clear memory when the Ticketmaster charge hits their credit cards.

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