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May 23, 2023


Jude Law wore perfume that smelled like 'blood, fecal matter, and sweat' to play Henry VIII in a new movie

(Thanks to Robert Moats)


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At least, that's what he's telling us. That's actually his real smell.

Jude, the intoxicating new fragrance now available at cosmetic counters everywhere.

Henry VIII was a cattle rancher?

Overheard: Your majesty. What an intoxicating fragr - grah - GAH ..
bougzh-gougzh .. gack

Method acting is really getting out of hand.

My grandmother always thought he was hot and she had lost her sense of smell, so everything would work out for her. And him. Plus she was very religious and he has sort of a Biblical connotation about him.

I always thought Henry VIII liked cold chops.

I’m holding out for the scented candle version.

Does Jude Law drive taxis? Because I have had that driver several times.

Foreshadowing the imminent return of Smell-O-Vision to theaters. It is rumored that Gwyneth Paltrow is showing entirely too much interest in this development.

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