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May 24, 2023


Kentucky man, 64, shoots his roommate in the buttocks after he ate the last Hot Pocket in the freezer

(Thanks to Emily, Leslie and w and Barry Nester)


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He was prohibited from making any contact with the victim...

And this is his roommate? That's going to make for awkward home living.

The roommate got off lucky. If he had taken the last Hershey bar, his body would never be found.

He mistook the buttock for a hot pocket. I mean, it could happen.

The best thing about hotpockets is that you can eat them standing up.

That will heat up your pockets for sure.

Thank God he didn't notice the eatened ice cream!

Poor Jim Gaffigan...

Not cool. After all, the shooter chose to share his ammo.

Is this a new internet challenge? Eat a Hot Pocket, then shoot your roommate?

Justifiable homicide! What kind of a barbarian would eat a hot pocket without putting it in the toaster?

That's actually more of a hanging offense.

I don't blame him. I might have done the same thing.

This points up the genius of Jeff Foxworthy. He doesn't have to do any work. His jokes write themselves.

Back pocket! (to the tune of Hot Pocket)

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