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May 05, 2023


Thanks to the lovely crowd that came to my event last night at the Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore. Tonight at 7 I'll be at Politics and Prose in Washington, D.C., where I'll talk about Swamp Story and, time permitting, straighten out the federal government. I'll see you there, unless you are not there, in which case I will gaze wistfully at the empty space where you should be.


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Time to fire Judi again?

Wake up Dave! You fell asleep on the "Post" key again.

I’ll have what Dave’s having.

I am pretty sure this is what happens when you fire Judi too many times!

Must be one of those “You are a genius if you can spot the difference” type of things. (Darned if I can …)

Maybe we shouldn’t count on Dave straightening out the federal government today after all.

Is this "Groundhog Day"?

Maybe we shouldn’t count on Dave straightening out the federal government today after all.

It was indeed a lovely evening, and possibly the oldest audience I have seen since the Jeff Beck show in 2014, albeit with fewer grey ponytails in evidence. To those of you wondering whether Dave is as funny in person as he is in print, the answer is: he is even funnier. He is also gracious and full of aplomb, because he smoothly recovered from his initial surprise when he found out one of his fanboys is actually a pudgy, middle-aged white guy. He is also amazingly well-preserved for a 75 year old, to the point where I am wonder “Uncle Dick” Clark was keeping Dave’s Mom company when Dave’s Dad was out of town nine months before Dave was born.

I checked the work schedule and Walter was on duty at the time. And I can swear that guy never sleeps on the job. Perhaps there is bug in the DBBlog engine room or computer room. Hey, Florida, snakes in the toilets, maggots in the ceiling, acorns in the walls, it can happen to the best of them. And likewise, the worst of them.

Not that I planned to change the subject or anything, but a couple of weeks ago I received this email:

Hello Neighbors,

Ed and Melinda spotted a mountain lion earlier today in their yard, **** E A******.around 3PM or so.

Passing it on to everyone. Ed and Melinda can get you more info if needed but in the meantime, watchout.

--So, Ed and Melinda's yard intersects with my back yard.

So not to keep changing the subject, but yesterday I spoke with my other neighbor Noel (pronounced Noelle like a girl) about the mountain lion sighting. He says, "it has no tail, I saw it." I said, "you saw it, where?" He says, "right there, pointing to my front yard, in your yard." Breaking a slight sweat, I asked, "it had no tail?" He said, Yeah it was (one of these)."

Ed and Melinda have done many weird things over the years. Like the time my old neighbor from Denmark, Alfred, says about Melinda, "she stares out her window trying to see me getting out of the shower and drying off naked in my bedroom."

Let me try to summarize this story to see if I got it - a spotted mountain lion with no tail and some old lady claimed she saw it coming out of a shower in mt's bedroom. Right? Thank you.

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