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May 04, 2023


Scientists crack why bubbles in Champagne fizz up in a straight line – while those in beer do not

(Thanks to Emily, Leslie and w and Michael Moyer)


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No doubt the experiment required several dozen cases of beer, and many bottles of champagne.

Sorry Ociffer, but I failed to walk a straight line during the sobriety test not because I'm intoxicated, I'm just suffering from a very low level of surfactants.

The only expert on this issue I know of is Don Ho.

Hold back on that Nobel Prize. What about frobscottle bubbles?

Don't tell Lawrence Welk.

"By talking about Champagne and beer, our master plan is to make people understand that fluid mechanics is important in their daily lives."

A toast to this very slick researcher.

^5 @MtB!

Was this research done with recycled shower water? According to the breaking news issue earlier in this blog, recycled shower water is the new beer.

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