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May 21, 2023


EXCLUSIVE: Experts settle debate on whether sandwiches should be cut into triangles or rectangles

(Thanks to Jim Kenaston, who says "Exclusive.")


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It's good to see The Mirror going after the hard news issues of our day.

Fierce Opponents of the Crisp Butty WBAGNFARB.

Oh the humanity!

"...the ever-ongoing crusts or no crusts argument."


I'll tell you who does!!


I would like to evaluate this myself to cook off all this extra water buffalo that suddenly showed up.

Ask a 2 year old or whatever you do will be wrong.

If I'm feeling fancy I'll cut it into a triangle. If I don't care I'll cut it into a rectangle. If I feel like there is no hope left and all is lost, I don't cut it at all.

“Might you pause my afternoon tea and observe this?”

Having read this article twice I am not so sure they settled any debate. Of course William and Kate have one idea, and Harry and Meghan the other....THAT is what lead to the kerfluffle over the coronation invitations.

I understand the British uppercrust always have the crust cut off their bread sandwiches. And they then put cucumbers between the crustless bread slices. They have a whole army of cook's assistants that specialize in cutting crusts off of bread slices.

Looks like The Mirror is stretching the definition of 'Exclusive' to its limits (and the article doesn't settle any debate either).
As a resident of the UK I have substantial experience with sandwiches and can state that when commercially bought they tend to be cut diagonally whereas homemade ones are cut straight across. I've never heard of a finger sandwich although I can guess what it might look like. Maybe I'm just not upper-class enough to have encountered them.
What I am familiar with though is Blackadder, hence I often refer to sandwiches as Rounds of Geralds.

There is an ice cream and sandwich shop in my town that cuts sandwiches, or at least used to cut them, in half for male customers and in quarters for female customers. I think that has stopped in the 21st century.

Unless we have missed something, no one is talking about pinwheel sandwiches. Pinwheel sandwiches are fancy, right up there with triangle sandwiches. Before she passed, my mother-in-law taught me how to make them. I have the notes somewhere, but I remember that you use a rolling pin to flatten the bread, a bit, then, after adding butter and filling such as cream cheese, etc. you roll it up and chill it in the fridge before slicing it. You’re very welcome.

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