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May 23, 2023


Florida man charged with aggravated DWI after being clocked at 171 mph on motorcycle in NH

(Thanks to Gregory Dunn)


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Because he pissed-off the cops who couldn't go that fast?

I, too, am out on personal recognizance. At age 18 my parents said "You are free to go." The report did not say what this guy was aggravated about. I guess they let him out on bail cause he had a Florida driver's license. "Good enough for us.

I, for one, am impressed he tried going that fast while drunk.

Probably why he was released in recognition of that skill.

NH is the Florida of New England

I'm not impressed that he tried going that fast while drunk. I'm impressed that he's STILL ALIVE after going that fast while drunk.

At that speed chuckholes are no problem. At least I hope so.

"Officer, you have to let me go. Governor DeSantis said I could go as fast as I wanted as long as I was out of Florida."

In his defense, the speedometer on the bike doesn't go that high.

"Oh, so that is what the "I" stands for. I thought it stood for 'Intelligent.'

He was trying to embrace the NH state motto, live free or die!

He’s lucky that nothing killed him on the road, but wait until he sees the fines, surcharges and insurance rate increases.

This past Saturday at the greyhound races in Alabama, a cheetah identified as a dog set a new track speed record.

"Oh, that sign was for HIGHWAY 175? I thought it was the speed limit."

So you can't you drive a flying motorcycle without a pilot's license?

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