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May 19, 2023


Woman pulled over in the Florida Keys had 28 licenses

(Thanks to EricY, who says "A Florida... never mind.")


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Did she get the group discount?

So they pulled her over because her vehicle only had seating for six?

So is there a sequel to the movie Sybil possible her? Will she have different entries for each person in "Who's Whom"? Will she have one lawyer representing her or a different lawyer for each personality? So, do the local politicians claim each personality as one vote for them? Do local voting laws even comprehend this possibility?

So many questions - remember, you posted this.

Given the meth, I'm betting all 17 of the Texas licenses had Wise County addresses.

Rachael's pronouns are they/them.

A Chevrolet Monte Carlo? She deserves the... death penalty.

Monte Carlo exhaust system upgrade.

She also had a lot of lumberjacks on her Tinder speed-dial...

And Dave gets a thumbs-up 👍
with his license to skewer Florida characters in "Swamp Story"...

I'm about halfway through. I can see the influence Hitchcock had on deciding to edit out the group shower scene and put Jamie Lee in there alone instead. This realization occured right after I koncked myself in the head with my heavy metal reading lamp when it fell from my bedpost. It was then I realized I had picked up 'The Birds' and wasn't reading Dave's book at all. Now my ears are ringing with heavy metal music every time I pick up the book.

That was an excellent review, but now I can't sleep.

I also realized while my ears continue to ring, The Birds - Psycho...same, same.

Swamp Music...

What? Is that wrong? Should she not have done that?

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