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May 24, 2023


Woman in pink dress steals $120,000 tractor, Florida cops say. And then it got weird

(Thanks to Robert Moats and Ralph)


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In her defense, she had the good sense to first steal a dress.

At least it wasn't a devil in a red dress.

She was definitely not a long cool woman in a black dress.

Sounds like she was having trouble finding a sponsor for her float in The Miss American Beauty Parade?

It wasn't weird. It was FLORIDA.

There's a country song in here somewhere.

Should the movie have Amy Poehler or Amy Schumer?

I'm shocked, shocked that there was no suggestion alcohol was involved.

But as far as driving a tractor in a dress goes, well, I know women who have rounded up escaped cattle and horses in their lingerie.

Shoddy reporting. Last name and booking photo?

So has anybody broken the dress code? I mean every company has one. Or was this just a casual Friday?

@Rod: Why were the cattle and horses wearing lingerie?

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