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May 19, 2023


A man was found with several bottles of urine after crashing into a fence while driving under the influence, according to police.

It's a Mystery: Police did not clarify where the urine came from.

(Thanks to Bill Carver)


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Police are awaiting PeeNA test reults.

That's almost hilarious. I'm guessing he planned to station himself outside a drug-testing center and sell doses of the stuff to people getting mandatory employment drug tests. So instead of getting fired for being on drugs, all those people would get fired for drinking on the job.

99 bottles of pee in the car, 99 bottles of pee.
Mistook it for beer and drank it down, 98 bottles of pee in the car.

If he was planning to sell the urine for drug testing purity, then I doubt that it could have come from him.

Bottle of urine would be a good name for a rapper.

He must be a doomsday prepper, acting on some recent reports of people surviving for days on their own urine.

Did they get the location of that incident wrong? Should that be Kooksville, TN?

"Grasty was arrested on an active warrant and charged with violation of probation, DUI, simple possession, vandalism, driving on a suspended license, falsification of drug test results and possession of drug paraphernalia."

Ladies, I bet he's single !

Isn't that what the 'U' stands for in DUI?

Arrested for a potential to commit public micturition?

But never forget "Men, the world is your urinal. A law of nature on any incontinent,"

So now bud-lite comes in refillable bottles?

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