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May 19, 2023


Blowtorch used as weed trimmer sparks Ann Arbor house fire

Yet Apparently It Needs To Be Said: “It should go without saying that using a blow-torch to kill weeds next to a structure is an incredibly poor decision,” wrote the fire department on social media.

(Thanks to Geoff Scott)


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Although crews were initially confused at the placement of the fire, the department said on social media, video from a neighbor’s exterior camera showed Moe, Larry and Curly using a blowtorch to kill weeds along the house.

I understand. So can I use my flame thrower? A rocket launcher is prohibited because of noise ordinance.

Once again, shoddy reporting. Did it kill the weeds?

Just a hunch, but I suspect that some other kind of weed-burning might have been involved.

Also not recommended as a toenail trimmer.

Isn't this something like the fourth or fifth story in the last year about somebody using a torch or flamethrower to mow the lawn or kill the weeds? Clearly, word of how it works out isn't getting around.

My Ohio State friends and I are LOL'ing.

Not only did my mother warn me about men wanting to put a snake in her drawers, she also warned me about those same men talking about a blow torch. At least I think she said 'blow torch'.

They're also a bad idea on peat soil. A neighbor used one on a Thursday, and wet down the area he burned over, but fire popped up the following Tuesday when he wasn't home. Fortunately, it wasn't anywhere near his house.

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