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May 04, 2023


Moscow Police Hunt ‘Ukrainian Saboteur Pigeon’

(Thanks to Ralph)


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The bird escaped just before the government was over thrown.
It flew the coup

Put your hands together...

Of course, pigeons are pretty expert in dropping bombs of a sort. It would be pretty funny if one did turn out to be Vlad's assassin.

Those accustomed to using the Cyrillic alphabet can be easily confused, so did they think UPS delivery stands for Ukrainian Pigeon Saboteur?

Pigeons...? Explosives... ? We haven't figured where King Arthur got the cocoanuts yet.

I think they used to shoot at homing pigeons in WWI. Among other things.

The Stealth B-9 Supercolonic Pigeon has been unleashed with a fury. Stay away from statues.

What you have to really watch out for is the STOOL PIGEON - a larger squab-like bird that drops toilets. We have been entertained on this blog by many stories of snakes it toilets, and of course the old story about a bird in the hand is etc., but these stool pigeons can carry heavier loads.

Turns out this is a ecofriendly stool pigeon as it is only dropping low- flow toilets plus biodegradable toilet paper with it.

Among things, it is an ultimate one

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