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May 19, 2023


Flying sofa seen over Turkish capital during storm

(Thanks to Holland Daze and Steve Bradford, who says "Ding dong, the witch is dead.")


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This beats anything that I've encountered at Coney Island.

Onur Kalmaz, who filmed the video, told Turkish news agency Demirören Haber Ajansı their name sounded like the sound of a camel makes when pissing off a harbor, they should change it. Demiroren haber Ajansi replied, "your name sounds like Manure, you change yours first."

Is that their version of flying cars?

I'd prefer to be on a lazy-boy if only for the safety factor.

It was just the result of Erdogan's rage over being forced into a runoff.

Much more comfortable than a flying carpet.

Actually watching the more terrestrial versions of this are more fun:


Because it was over Turkey, are they sure it wasn't an...ottoman?

Thank you.

"As God is my witness, I thought that Turkish sofas could fly!"

Isn't that what those handles are for on the side of the La-Z- Boy chairs? Pull the handle back for the takeoff and then restore your chair to the full upright and locked position for landing by pushing the handle forward. Isn't that what these military pilots use to train on? My neighbor, who is a local firefighter, says they go thru dozens of replacement handles for their La-Z-Boy's in the fire house. He says they have their chairs equipped with a special ejection mechanism so they can get out of the chair quickly, slide down the fire pole, and then rush right off to get a cat out of a tree. I asked him if maybe they wanted to have some precision formation of firemen in their chairs participating in like a Memorial Day Parade or something. Put wheels on the chairs and then they all can operate their levers at the same time. What a sight?

Mom forced Dad into rearranging the living room furniture all morning long. " Let's try the sofa over here. No, let's ry it over there. "

Finally, he'd had enough.

We had a guy here in my area who was caught in a small tornado the other day and flew about 10 feet up in the air. When he was interviewed later he said he was just glad he'd landed on his head. It's too bad he didn't have a sofa to land on.

@ Meanie — love the WKRP reference.

^5 @Burt Macklin, FBI!

^5 @Burt Macklin, FBI!

^5 @Burt Macklin, FBI!

^5 @Burt Macklin, FBI!

Mad Hatter, it wasn't that funny!

Remember that guy who tied balloons to a lawn chair.

I once saw the Flying Sofas open for Willie Nelson...

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