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May 20, 2023


Joel Dahmen Gives Fan Beer Money After Hitting Him with Tee Shot at PGA Championship

(Thanks to Steve K.)


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But it was only enough money to buy a lite beer.

But it resulted in many observers to jump out in front of a tee shot with the hopes of scoring a beer. Golfers were complaining they could not finish because of all the people jumping out of the gallery on each tee.

So a shot of tea with a beer chaser? I'd prefer an Arnold Palmer cocktail.

You gotta have balls to play golf.

The most exciting thing to happen on a golf course in decades. The announcers may have possibly even had to raise their voices to audible levels.

with both golf and auto racing, the only time they are interesting is when something bad happens

Too bad. It's been a long time since there was a good golfer and fan fight.

There are two sporting events that involve intimate fan participation - golf and book signing events:

- In one case a fan might score a beer from being hit by a ball with a possibility of getting a golf ball autographed that winds up on Antiques Roadshow where the host says we do not recognize the golfer that signed this.

- The other case is a fan that scores an autographed book that winds up on Antiques Roadshow where the host says something like "Wow, a first edition book autographed by the famous author. You have a national treasure, a national treasure." Can I get a beer?

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