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May 25, 2023


An Albany mother claims she was left “angry” and “betrayed” when the apple pie she thought she was buying from a local ShopRite turned out to be a cherry pie, leading her daughter to get sick when she ate a piece of it, according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Albany County Supreme Court.

(Thanks to Doug Ogg, who says "Hard to imagine the pain.")


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What’s the standard lawsuit value of a mislabeled shoo-fly pie?

The lawyer helping her with this lawsuit should be disbarred and somebody should tell her to go take cooking lessons if she doesn't know the difference in cherry and apple pies and yes I know this is a long sentence but I don't care.

Are you blind, lady, or just f#cking stupid? It's RED, you moron!

I give up.

Beam me up, Scotty. There is no intelligent life on this planet.

Cindy, we are on the same page. She's a moron.

Imagine her surprise at rapture time when she arrives and her 'pie in the sky' and it turns out to be a cherry pie.

"Where are my lawyers?"

"Sorry, they did not make the trip. You see, they all have a all-expenses-paid trip to Hades when they expire."

What nursecindy and Jeff said.

On the other hand, I expected the package I bought would contain Japanese Kobe steak but instead it was just flank steak. Where's my attorney?

Sounds like someone just needed an excuse for a frivolous lawsuit.
What nursecindy, Jeff, and wanderer said.
If it looks like cherry and smells like cherry, and your family is allergic to cherry, take the ding dang pie back to the store. Don't feed it to your allergic kid just so you can sue the store.

Does she not have eyes?

If she knows her kid has an issue with cherries, by necessity she must know what cherries look like.

She'd better be able to prove she's color-blind if she wants to win her suit.

She'll get millions with a spot on Judge Steve Harvey.

She probably bought a cherry pie at another place and decided she needed $35K to pay off some bills.

With that extensive list of ingredients, all she is worried about are the cherries? I guess as long as the toxins are accurately listed ....

Isopod pie could be better.

In ancient times, wars have been declared for less.

She should have stuck with the pop-tarts.

In her defense, she may have thought it was a Red Delicious apple pie, but I'm allergic to apples so what do I know.

This happened to me at McDonald's in 1982. I am still not completely over it.

She should stick to the healthier foods: big macs, fries, shakes, etc.

With an Italian opinion on all this, "When the moon hits your eye like a big cherry pie, atsalawsuit."

Dean Martin

I also had “strongly dislike and have sensitivities and allergies to pi,” in junior high school. Fortunately I never 'fell ill'. However I could never keep up with circular reasoning, make my way thru a roundabout, play ring around the rosie, or dig a round hole. I was pretty good at square dancing. And fortunately my school counselors were always square with me.

I would have sued for 3.14159 million.

If only (after discovery the mistake) she had called 911 and been taken to the ER in an ambulance her claim might have been worth another $50k.

Oh well. Better luck next time!

🍒 Pie

American 🥧

Plaintiff suffered monetary and non-monetary damages and was caused to feel *guilty*, *helpless*, *ashamed*, *angry*, *betrayed*, and *stressed*,” the lawsuit claims.

*Sure it did.* Forgot *falling on black days*.

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