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May 24, 2023


Things will be getting a little squirrely at Unitil this week as the utility company launches its 2nd Annual “Squirrel Week” social media campaign to bring attention to the danger these furry friends pose to electric infrastructure and their own safety.

(Thanks to Annette)


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People, wake up and smell the acorns!

What? Seems like they have this backwards.

"... and the steps that are taken to help protect the furry creatures from power lines and other equipment they often come into contact with..."

Protect the squirrels? Seems that wrangling worms or orcas would be easier.

Those orange balls they put on the high voltage lines sure help a lot!

Better watch out. El0n, who can be a bit squirrely, might just disagree.

We're in the process of buying a new house. At the inspection, the inspector said there was no dead or alive creatures in the attic. He then went on a well mannered tirade against squirrels.

No mention of collisions between utility trucks and meese?

Yawn! They have squirrels, we have iguanas.

Yeah, the evil creatures are in my attic again. Tore an attic vent to pieces to get in; it's completely mangled. I guess I'll have to do a 24-hour stakeout with a shotgun and pick them off as they come out.

[Yosemite Sam voice] I hate squirrels....

Put some electrical shorts on those squirrels for "their own safety".

What about us electrical users? I mean a major loss of electricity would lead to a crisis for all those CPAP users.

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