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April 01, 2023


Mathematicians Excited About New 13-Sided Shape Called 'the Hat'

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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This was discovered shortly after they invented the twelve-sided figure known as "the bald".

Wow! A concave 13-gon that makes a non-repeating tessellation of the plane! And to think, I learned about it from a blog that specializes in Florida drivers, Australian wildlife, and squirrels!

" The hat is what’s known as an aperiodic monotile "

If you're a Ninja, you've probably offed someone with it.

If a Hat was traveling....

Aperiodic monotile is my new alias.

Looks more like a shirt to me.

@Aperiodic Monotile: I think I'll stick with "Thunder Lizard," the appellation that came into vogue during my birth year. I got cross-eyed just looking at the graphic accompanying the article.

I’m with Sue. It looks more like a shirt to me, too. And I should know.

Dungeons & Dragons aficionados everywhere are wetting themselves in excitement.

"My hat, my cane, Jeeves."

I agree with Sue. It's a very shirty pattern.

I am waiting for the mathematicians or their designated blogger from Division. Or are they constipated? Maybe they could work it out with a pencil. Have not heard that one for a while, huh?

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