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March 23, 2023


I have a 55-inch butt — I use it to smuggle booze into bars

(Thanks to Michael Parry and Doug Ogg)


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I bet her mother is really proud!

A booze enema?

" I wish I was joking,” she said. "

So say we all.

I like big booze butts and I can not lie...

Bottoms up!

(Er, none for me, thanks)

Uh, that 55 inches... is that vertical, or, uh, horizontal?

A real corker, that girl!

I think anybody dating this gal would need some of the stuff in that bottle.

I kept waiting for the Emergency Room Visit reference. At least there would be an additional pun in the “one shot in a million” excuse to the doctor.

It's so humiliating that she could barely bring herself to post pictures on TikTok.

Maybe she could pick up a few bucks delivering kegs to frat house parties.

Is she seeing anyone?

I'm trusting she is mentioned in the 'Rear in Review'.

Speaking from experience. I actually I'm groovin' from experience.

If you have never done this..., well, you should.

Redefining what it means to get "sh*t-faced"

So "crack" leads to alcohol abuse?

Why would anybody smuggle booze INTO bars?

I'll take a Crack Daniel's on the rocks, please!

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