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March 29, 2023


Competitive fishermen plead guilty in walleye cheating scandal

(Thanks to wiredog, who says "There is nothing lower.")


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I don't condone cheating, but: Not only did he not get the prize money, did lose his fishing license for three years, and will be put on probation (or worse), he also had to relinquish his $100,000 boat? I'm surprised they didn't take him out back and shoot him.

He must be being blackmailed by the walleye to tale a plea.

Fried walleye with lead pullets ..... mmmmm-MMMM!

You never hear about such things in the Carp Fishing Competitions. Perhaps they should fish for carp so that cheating becomes a non-issue.

But I suppose that there will be a way for somebody to come up with some way of gaming the competition. But maybe come up with a prize for something like The Most Handsome Carp, Best Tasting Carp, Most Beautiful Carp, Largest Carp.

I guess my fishing contest plan involving bowling balls
is going to need more thought.

Wait a minute..."unlawful ownership of wild animals"? But didn't they already legally own them before stuffing them with weights? How does doing that change the ownership status?

Since flounder and catfish are supposedly bottom-feeders, I would suggest that they are lower...and that is the extent of my knowledge about fishing. (Except for Carl Hiaasen's hilarious book "Double-Whammy", which deals with a similar theme.)

So if they shot them, would they "sleep with the fishes"?

Comment to Allen on your observation: yes, flounder and catfish are bottom feeders but those animals have provided protein for many people and in some cases restaurants have made their notoriety from how they present these fish offerings (e.g., catfish and famous eateries in New Orleans or in the south USA). However, carp do not seem to have that same cache, plus you don't need a license, and some places encourage you to catch as much as you can.

However, in reference to 'bottom feeders', that attribution has been levied at lawyers, too. Not all lawyers, I am saying. But this comes to mind - another definition of 'constipation' - retaining a lawyer.

My first thought of a walleye stuffed with lead weights and fish fillets.

I am moving on with life and taking full responsibility and enjoying my fish fillets.

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