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March 26, 2023


Berlin welcomes topless female swimmers in victory for activists

(Thanks to Carlos Montage)


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Th first graduating class of the high school I attended was 1923. I am uncertain of when the old gymnasium was built, but I'm certain not long after. That gymnasium had a swimming pool in the basement. All freshmen were required to take 'Swim' their first year. The guys swam nude. That's right, completely naked. I played water polo, goalie, and fully participated in Mon. Wed. Fri. one hour nude swim class. My teacher had a wooden paddle in his office. If you didn't swim nude to his expectations, he would have you bend over and smash you on the behind with the paddle. I had two friends who got that paddle across their behinds and both said, "Damn, that hurt!"

*When I tell this story of nude swim class no one believes it. It's true folks.

**The high school I graduated from was number one in the entire state in both Academics and Sports for decades.

***Also number one and only in boys nude swimming class.

The motto of my high school goes something like, 'to prepare students to become informed, productive members of society'.

*And the men. Damn good informed nude swimmers.

Ahh, the thrill of victory!

If JFK were around to see this, he would have been more of an eclair.

What next... topless Presidential candidates ?

If only Reagan & Gorbachev had lived long enough to see these come down.

Perhaps my Barack would like to come to Berlin for a swim?

Female swimmers say this way it is much easier to do the breast stroke. In fact, the male swimmers were all for it, anything that makes the breast stroke easier is fine with them.

To quote JFK

"Ich been Ein Berliner!" (I am a jelly doughnut!)

I've been supporting this idea in my pool for years.
Nice to see it go international ;)

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