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March 22, 2023


California bill would ban the sale of Skittles

(Thanks to vee)


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Because they can be used as buckshot in shotguns?

Having solved all the real problems of life in California, the legislators now search for something, ANYTHING, else to do.

You have to toss your liver a toxic curve ball now and then, or it gets lazy.

I applaud the California State Assembly for turning their attention to solving the problem of Skittle sales which have no place in a state where meth sales are key to keeping the state's economy afloat.

Tackling the issues is what CA legislators are all about.

I'm sure all Californians will now feel better about their health as they continue to breathe smog and exhaust fumes while sitting in traffic.

That aside, the real hero will be whoever introduces legislation to ban Good & Plenty.

How are we going to lure friendly aliens into our tool sheds ?

... only outlaws will have Skittles." And Hot Tamales and Double Bubble Twist gum. Noooooo, not the Double Bubble!

I thought they banned the use of Red Dye #3 thirty years ago.

If they do this, the kids of California will create a black market that all the weed and coke dealers couldn't even conceive of.

@Rod: Forget kids! This is the new retirement income for California geezers. "More than a crossing guard."

Yikes sounds like everybody is predicting that California will be relocated to just outside the gates of Hades, or at least you can see the fire and smoke and the stench of burning heathens. Perhaps there will be new names for some of the old places - Come to Varicose Village in the heart of Varicose Valley and stay for the wines. They make prune wine, don't they.

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