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March 27, 2023


NYC’s Museum of Failure opens to make us feel better about our lives

(Thanks to Al Barkafski)


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In a related note, not only was the opening date of the museum announced, but also the closing date.

The same reason that my local dive bar opens too!

Success is not an option.

Is there a low-flow toilet exhibit?

Geeze...All this time I thought New York City was a Museum of Failure.

I would think this place would be packed - it represents a humongous proportion of human life. Visitors report feeling so much better after viewing these exhibits especially those who have fallen off a roof while cleaning gutters.

We need to contact the folks at despair.com. This really opens up some new possibilities for their build-your-own calendar product.

Hey, I liked McDonald's Arch Deluxe! I never understood why they got rid of it either.

I accidentally saw your post, it's great with a lot of interesting retro bowl information.

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