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March 01, 2023


West Virginia officials investigating reports of a powder in the air and on some vehicles in the mid-Atlantic have determined the source: pollen.

(Thanks to EricY)


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In our defense, we were just following due diligence protocol when our citizens reported the powder on their vehicles. Some of them have apparently never seen pollen before, while others subscribe to a conspiracy theory that there's no such thing as pollen.

"Social media users posted about seeing the powder in the air and on cars on Friday .."

Evidence that some social media users aren't all that bright. (present company excluded)

Since it's winter, it was actually snow.
But they were so close!

I had some of this mysterious powder washed off my car yesterday. I'll probably have to do it again Friday because everything is blooming here!

In the Sun's story about this...


...it was described by officials as a "dust-like" substance blown in from the recent Texas-New Mexico dust storm. Dust-like, as in, well, dust.

Reminds of that famous, 60's folk singing group: Peter, Pollen, Mary. If you have never seen Pollen, check out YouTube. Plus the cryptic song of that decade: "Puff The Magic Dragon." What were they singing about there?

Gotta go, leavin' on a jet plane to France to help clean up the beaches. Hey that was a song written by Henry John Deutschendorf Jr.

Next investigative breakthrough: Rain is wet.

@Pullet - a.k.a. John Denver \(^.^)/

I've seen a lot of that around the holidays at the local bakery but they insists it's just powdered sugar.

Yes, Mr/Ms/Miss/Sir/Madam MOTW, you are correctamundo. And out of a thousand entries yours was the most correctamundo. You win a 64 oz bottle of Benadryl - take a little bit to relieve your pollen allergy symptoms - take a lot and sleep like a Peruvian mummy.

Did you note the irony in all this (my 8th grade lit teacher would be so proud of me) the irony? He gets to be a bazillionaire by writing a song about flying on a jet plane and then he does himself in while flying an airplane. Thank god he was a country boy.

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