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March 17, 2023


People gobsmacked to discover meaning of squiggly symbol on car dashboard

(Thanks to John Lobert, who notes that "the gobsmacked bar gets lower and lower.")


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It's the idiot light indicating your blinker fluid needs refilling.

And here I thought it was telling me not to take the thermometer in the ocean.

You live and learn. Or not.

Speaking of being gobsmacked, I unknowingly depressed a button near my knee on the dashboard the other day. I changed lanes and the steering wheel began to shake and the brake was applied on it's own! I thought the wheel had fallen off. I was thinking to pull the car to the side of the road and check the lug nuts.

The action the car took on it's own was triggered by me unknowingly activating this feature, LKAS. I did not pull but continued to drive. I noticed a 'squiggly' line had become activated to some point of the dashboard. I eventually found the small button I had engaged with my knee causing the car to loose control on it's own and disengaged it. I was gobsmacked enough to be thinking, "I'll have to take the car in today and find out what fell apart."

My '69 Chevelle never did this. The 'Gobsmacked button' had not been invented yet.

The other thing that bothers me about the car is I have to curse every time I try to unlock a door to enter the car. The thing beeps at me at me a lot - 'gobsmacks myself'..

I'm not a car person and even I knew what this symbol meant and I once put a piece of electrical tape over my blinking check engine light! I'm gobsmacked that other people didn't know this.

This is the most stupid feature ever invented then actually installed on a car. The car's steering wheel will shake violently and the brake will be applied on it's own.

"What was that?"

"When I change lanes the car applies the brakes and it feels like the wheels fell off, relax."

This is a simulation, I don't speak Russian, of how I feel about trying to get a door open on my CRV - this a simulation of my CRV, too.

If I've said it once...I've said it, well a lot, I want to drive over to the dealer and ask, "how do you turn all this crap off!"

A few more symbol meanings for the more gobsmacked.

Maybe it's because I'm old, but whenever a light comes on that I don't understand, I pull over and (shocker!) check the manual. Crazy, right?

Personally I find myself "titillated", as opposed to "gobsmacked".

I know we have all the critical news stories at our fingertips here on the blog, vital also describes what news we get here on the blog, but one story we have not touched upon which has been floating around on the wires in recent days is the banking crisis. It's ok because luckily millions of Americans were able to survive the banking crisis by not having any money in the first place.

When that happens to me I pull over to the nearest car dealer and buy a new car. Previously it used to be that when I filled up the ashtray in my car I would pull over to the nearest car dealer and buy a new car. But then my wife made me give up smoking.

People gobsmacked to discover meaning of gobsmacked.

The beauty of my rapid turnover in vehicles is I get to prank all those people who call me and want to sell me an extended warranty. "But I have one more mile on my original warranty, why do I need an extended warranty?" And my dealership is only a half mile away.

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