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March 17, 2023


Florida Woman Arrested For Felony Attack With An Avocado At A Senior Living Community

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Trying to recreate the Animal House food fight scene 45 years later. The members of Delta Tau Chi would be about that age now.

If only he had known Self-Defense Against Fresh Fruit.

Completely predictable. The drug lords take over the avocado industry, and it leads to violence.

Inspector Joe Friday responded to the crime scene and grilled the members of the home: "Just the pits, M'am."

"Holy guacamole, Joe."

When avocados are outlawed...

If you are going to wield an avocado, make sure it is firm. If it is ripe, it will just splat.

Her lawyer said that talks of getting charges dropped are likely to be fruitful.

Her Lawyer: She had a permit. It was self defense. Define ' avocado '. "

Her lawyer will plea deal it down to attempted guacamole and time served.

Jeff Meyerson that was the first thing I thought of too.

A rerun of "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" happened to be playing while this was going on. Coincidence?

LOL Clankie - "define avocado" Also, her lawyer, "evidence will show prior damage from a hurled avocado 30 years ago taken to the very area of the face in dispute has never healed."

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