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March 01, 2023


Police help relocate 'gorked out' moose from construction site

(Thanks to Ralph, and John Lobert, who says “I saw GOM open for the Animals.”)


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A loose moose.

Looks more like a meth moose to me.

"Who doesn't like looking at moose pics, especially when they're gorked out on tranquilizers with their tongue hanging out," the post said.

I'll have to give those a try, I guess.

Thanks for the pic, 'cuz I was worried that there may have been an abduction and a lot of probing when I woke in a strange place with the worst hangover ever, (or just another Friday night in Frostbite Falls).

"Gorked out" is one of those fancy schmancy medical terms, eh?

MOTW, it's another way of saying "gobsmacked."

Without the accompanying photo, I'd have quessed this was just another Penthouse Letters fantasy.

The police are asking for more money to support their Gorked-Out Moose Relocation Program, thereby competing for limited funds for other relocation programs, e.g., homeless people, people with old-timers disease, landfills, abandoned cars and the like. Has anybody ever asked if they have done an inventory of the cabinet where they keep the gork-out compound? The police have been slow to respond as of late as if they have been dipping into the gork sauce a bit.

Dër sîlly møøsëy wås såfëly trånspøørtëd vrøm dër cønstrüctîøny sîtë. Gørk gørk gørk!

Why do those cops look so happy about it? Did they do something else to the moose we don't know about?

I am gobsmacked that it has been 48 hours and not a single person has reported that a moose once bit their sister.

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